Having had a genuinely frightening experience holding my 14 month old on my knee in the back of a Spanish taxi for over an hour, I think this is a genius invention long overdue.  I will certainly be buying one to use with my son.
Vicki, (Chandler’s Ford)

BUB is an ingenious product that would mean no lugging a car seat for the taxi journey to the airport, a problem we have encountered recently.  I haven’t found any other product that would fit the criteria.  The video allays any fears I may have and I’ll be first in the queue when it goes on the market.
Cathy, (Totten)

I have just watched Belt up Baby video and it looks nice and easy to use.  I have a 15 month old baby and this will come to great use as safety is my number one priority.
Joanne, (Southampton)

Car safety is my number one priority.  Having watched the car safety test it really shocked me to see the fatal impact of having a child sat on my lap could cause.  BUB is very cleverly designed and looks very easy to use for all those little journeys you think a child will be fine on your lap.  Brilliant product!
Abby, (Southampton)

Having watched the BUB video, this is a product I would use with my little boy, aged 22 months.  The stitching and secure quick release would provide a safe mode of travel on public transport.
Caryanne, (Eastleigh)