Well Christmas is fast approaching and most of us are stressed making mince pies, writing cards and trying to find the time to wrap presents, I know personally it seems to be the worst year ever for leaving things to the last minute (I’m sure I say that every year!).  This is where we have our girl Friday, Penny who is helping us promote our product, she’s been amazing and frankly I really don’t know how she finds the time to do it all.  I know the Belt up Baby team (that’s, Charlie, myself, Sharon and Andy!) would really like to thank her for the hard work she’s putting in.   As this is a blog for Belt up Baby, let’s share a few things that have been happening over the last few months.  We’ve had a great deal of interest from distributors and customers from around the globe who see the potential of this mass market that our product could reach, or simply mums who are just getting to hear of Belt up Baby and want it to ensure their child is safe in taxis etc.   We also have some amazing blogging friends @babiesandbeauty, and @buggyobsessed16, who between them have over 8,000 followers, they have tried out Belt up Baby and given it fantastic reviews.  Here are the links so please take look.


I’m on a roll now so I’m slipping in the fact that we have a huge store Uber Kids who are based in Wrexham and have a website with amazing Baby products who are selling Belt up Baby.  Finally we have the Harrogate trade fair in March to look forward to, heard it’s a really lovely place.  Well, I think that’s enough to keep us all busy.

Good luck with all your festive preparations, speak to you soon, Jules X